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John Deubert: STEM subjects

Acumen Tutoring's STEM tutor is John Deubert.

John has been teaching nearly all his life. He worked his way through UC Berkeley teaching classical guitar. For a decade he taught physics, chemistry, astronomy, and computer programming at the prestigious Castilleja School for Girls in Palo Alto, CA. He left Castilleja in 1984 to join a tiny start-up company with the improbable name of Adobe Systems. As Adobe’s 19th employee, John set himself the task of creating and teaching a training curriculum in the PostScript programming language.

Upon leaving Adobe, John spent the next two decades as a Mac and Windows software developer, meanwhile continuing to teach engineering classes in PostScript (and, later, PDF) throughout the world.

AcroX-VQS-Cover.106x135.retina Along the way, John wrote three books, on Adobe Acrobat form design, JavaScript programming, and a Quickstart Guide to Acrobat X.

Finally, in 2013, John hung up his PostScript spurs and, following his eldest granddaughter’s advice, took up tutoring math and science as Acumen Tutoring.

At the moment John has over 50 active students from many schools, both public and private, in southernmost Orange County and a scattering all over the country. (About a third of his graduating seniors come back to him for help with their freshman college math and science.)

A longer biography (there were some books written and some software awards received) is available here. That biography is written for the engineering crowd and supplies more detail than you probably want or need, though.

John can be reached at: