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Offering individualized enrichment and support in:
Math and ScienceEnglish and HistoryComputer Science

AddressBox_Retina_v2 Acumen Tutoring offers enrichment and support to middle- and high school students in
STEM subjects, English, and history.

AddressBox_Retina_v2 Whether you need help in achieving grade level skills or want enrichment to go beyond the class material, Acumen Tutoring can help you excel!


What Can Acumen Tutoring Help With?

Acumen Tutoring offers help in the following subjects:

Math, Science, Computer Science

  • Math:Pre-algebra through AP Calculus
  • Physical science: 6th grade through AP Physics/Chemistry
  • Statistics: Beginning through AP Stats
  • Computer Science:AP Computer Science A

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English, History, Writing

  • English: journaling, literary analysis
  • History: 6th grade through AP world and US history
  • Writing: Beginning writing through advanced composition
  • College essays: Planning and writing essays for college admission

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SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Test Preparation

Acumen Tutoring also provides one-on-one preparation for standardized tests. We help your student prepare for all the individual sections within the SAT and ACT tests:

  • SAT: reading, writing, math
  • SAT Subject Tests: math levels 1 & 2, chemistry, physics, literature, U.S. & World History
  • ACT: English, math, reading, science

Acumen Tutoring can help your student be fully prepared for the upcoming SAT or ACT.



FreeHour_272x127_Retina Acumen Tutoring sessions are charged by the hour as follows:

You may also pay one hour at a time for $95.00 per hour.

Payments may be made by check, cash, or Venmo.


Who Are We?

John Deubert (math, science, and computer science) has long experience teaching and tutoring middle- and high-school students, as well as teaching technical classes to engineers at such companies as Xerox and Hewlett Packard.
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Barbara Deubert (English, history, and writing) has a lifetime of experience in education with all grade levels and has masters degrees in history and educational psychology. Many people know her as the lower school principle at St. Margaret's Episcopal school for many years.
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To Sign Up or Ask Questions

To ask questions or sign up for tutoring, contact:

Math, Science, Computer Science (including SAT/ACT)

English, History (including SAT/ACT)